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Constant Economic Growth for Opelika-Auburn
by Mary Coleman

     he Opelika-Auburn area is experiencing constant economic growth. Many attribute this fact to the ever growing number of students enrolling in Auburn University each year. One of the major economic growths recently was the addition of the Tiger Town shopping center. Tiger Town brought in an estimated 1,500 jobs to the area not to mention the increase in revenue. Along with the already booming new economy the Opelika-Auburn area is rumored to be building a Sam's Club. The 135,000-square-foot Samís Club will front the interstate and feature a fueling station and car wash. Construction of the new facility could begin in late summer or early fall. With all of the new businesses eager to join the area it is no wonder that the Opelkia-Auburn community is growing so quickly with an estimated number of 69 new businesses be built since 1995.