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Why Are There So Many Banks?
by Kyle Bridges

       uburn is known for having one of the most banks per capita in the United States. One of the reasons for Auburn having so many different chains of banks is due to Auburn University. Since students come from around the country and especially from the southeast they each have a different chain that they bank with. So bank chains come in because the students like to have a bank where they can access their funds locally. Colonial Bank in particular is a major banking chain in the southeast and especially in Auburn because the founder is an Auburn University alumnus. The banks of Auburn also have financial opportunities to the citizens of the Auburn/Opelika area. Anything from new home owners to car loans or even to start a new business venture the banks of Auburn can provide you with the proper loan. As far as the student body is concerned, students usually go through financial aid to get student loans for the better rates that are offered to students.